The basic Heart Becoming meditation sets the foundation for trauma healing, identity exploration and physical healing.  Download the guided meditation and practice daily as an easy way to support your meditation practice, helping to ground your experience more and more within the heart.

While watching this video, have an awareness of your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, together with Silence in relationship to your body.

Bob and I talked emptiness, healing, womb work, baby, awakening and empathy. I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was beautiful to connect with Asheville in this new way. Thanks Bob !

 Heart Becoming – It’s Purpose

Heart Becoming is both a sitting and an active, body-centered, non-dual, integrative, meditation practice delving deep into the core of the heart.

The primary aim of this practice is to experience directly the true nature of the primordial stillness originating there.  This means experiencing your own true nature.

The secondary aim is to bring this direct experience of primordial stillness into all aspects of our lives, watching how it naturally transforms our identity, perceptions, behaviours and relationships.  This is the process for unifying one’s conscious and unconscious minds.

Practically speaking, it means moving toward living each situation and relationship exchange from the realization and remembering of your true nature.  This is self mastery, and results in living a life of flow, what Lao Tse called wu wei – effortless doing.

We use healing as the main tool on the path to achieving both goals.  We integrate polarities, face our shadow, move toward 100% embodiment, explore and transform identity, explore the inner experience of death and surrender, encounter heightened states of consciousness, and deeper and deeper realizations of fundamental reality.

Some of the main themes that commonly arise during integration processes are:

  • The nature of Masculine and Feminine forces
  • The exploration of Manifest (creation) and Unmanifest (void)
  • Integration of Inner and Outer, Stillness and Movement
  • Archetypes
  • Personal will and Divine will
  • The nature of Kundalini/life force energy and it’s movement
  • The nature of Time and Space and the Elements of Nature

All of this happens within the context of body-centered meditation, whether active or sitting, alone or in dual meditation with your guide.  As a guide in session, I teach and heal at the same time.

My clients usually come to me for a session for these kinds of reasons.

  • Physical healing – the person is either in pain or dealing with injury or chronic disease and would like to transform the physical experience of it and get insight into its emotional, mental and spiritual nature.
  • Emotional crisis – often I get a call when a relationship is in difficulty, a job is lost, a past traumatic experience is active or during other difficulties navigating daily life. The person is seeking emotional relief with a return to inner peace or joy.
  • A deep, inner drive for knowing oneself, heightened states of being or enlightenment – Many of my long term client relationships are with these kinds of people.  They begin as seekers, often first focused on healing.  After some time they are so captivated with the path of knowing themselves that they are naturally propelled to continue self discovery.  They call me when they get stuck or simply would like a fresh perspective on their inner experience.  I have been highly dedicated to this path myself and it has created a strong foundation for guiding others into the deepest, hidden parts of themselves.

About 50% of my client base consists of professional healers, teachers and therapists who have found that their continual self exploration and evolution helps them to be better healers and guides to their own clients.



Artwork by Jessica Begin

Artwork by Jessica Begin

Come sit with me.
And when you do, please know,
That it’s not about learning,
although that will happen.
It’s not about healing,
although that will happen.
It’s not about proper technique,
although amazing techniques will show themselves.
It’s not about feeling good,
although that will happen.
It’s not about transforming your shadow,
although we will plumb it.
It’s not about gaining distinguished powers,
although that will happen.
It’s not about traveling the realms and categorizing states and beings,
although this is readily available.
It’s not about becoming anything or anyone,
although that will happen.
Many times.
It is about
the cessation of suffering
Due to the realization of true nature,
And the consequent new playground that forms as your life.

~ Thessa Sophia ~


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