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The formation of the sense of self in the head (conscious mind) is dependent on the sense of self in the belly.

The formation of the sense of self in the heart is dependent on the sense of self in the belly.

The capacity of the sense of self in the belly to experience itself as the essence of all things then forms and informs the higher centers toward the experience and expression of the emotional (flow as e-motion and empathy) and mental (telepathy and insight) according to oneself as the essence of all things.

Intuition disappears, without contrast to any other way of being, as it becomes the one and only basis of sensing and expression without gaps.

From conception to the first few months of life is the time to incubate and nurture the self as the essence of all things since the baby is “all belly” (all unconscious mind). #lotusbirth is one prime way to safeguard and maintain the experience of self as the essence of all things since cord cutting is a major, collective archetype for the traumatic disconnection from true nature.

For those of us whose cord was cut at birth, or otherwise have experienced trauma in the unconscious mind, #wombwork, the restoration of the sense of self in the belly to itself as the true essence of all things is the medicine.

~ Thessa Sophia ~

Honor each direction:
east, west, north, south, above, below,
Just as the indigenous know.

But add,
Your body as the Center.

So that each direction is alive, spontaneously interacting,
With you,
In front of you,
Behind you,
Below you,
Above you,
And to each side.
Emptiness as the backdrop
Highlights any separation in space,
Between the content within each direction and
You are the only thing standing between living as
Space is one of the first expressions of the separation experienced within awareness from its source as it arises out of emptiness.
And space can collapse,
As the illusion that it is.
You transforming,
into what space really is,
A magic box tool,
Instead of you there, me here.

~ Thessa Sophia ~

I once was a part of a healing modality in which, with much training and clinical experience, I had became an “advanced” healer and teacher. I remember a student at one of the courses that I was teaching saying to me “I notice that all of the advanced healers become really calm and boring, almost dead, the farther along the path they go. It makes me question actually whether I want to become an advanced healer”.

With each surrender of self – a fixed, defined, exclusive entity that experiences “I am this but not that” – there is a return to the void. To nothingness. To being no one. With it comes a release into freedom and the relaxation that comes with not expending energy toward maintaining a false sense of self.

This is the also the way of cultivating divine masculine.

Many meditation practices, traditions, techniques, aim towards this, but stop there. This stopping is what creates the calm, boring, lack of dynamism and flow effect. There is a lack of cultivation of the feminine.

What I’ve noticed is that with each dissolution, a new experience of self naturally builds again. If one continues to let nature guide the process, a new experience of self arises from that freedom, from the relaxation, from the void. Instead of a fixed, sticky (identification) sense of self, there is a continually flowing experience of uniqueness… one that flows from one experience of being to another depending on what is naturally arising moment by moment. This is essence. With each dissolution of false sense of self, the essence gains substance, is refined, purified, ever more dynamic.

This arising back into form is the reclaimation of the manifest world. We experience ourselves as one not just conceptually or spiritually, but with the furniture in the room, with the bodies around us, with the planets and galaxies, with the trees, rivers and seas, our homes, our cars, with the space between all these things.

This is the cultivation of divine feminine.

Both are needed ~ Disappearing, the surrender of the self, leading to the continual free expression of the divine masculine ~


~ Reappearing, the rebirthing of self as a reflection of the transcendant into form in play, the continual free expression of the divine feminine.

Together the ultimate culmination ~ the full unification of emptiness and form, the manifest and unmanifest, experienced personally, locally. This, is the recipe for Magic ~ and also my understanding of tantra ~ the highest expression of nature in form. And the path to mastery of ourselves through the conscious, continual, spontaneous creation of our essence in form.

~ Thessa Sophia ~

I have worked with several women over the years using various healing modalities who were either already pregnant or wanting to improve fertility, all with good results.

My sense is very much what I heard a doctor say recently “All birth defects are a result of malnutrition.”

My herbal midwifery training reinforced this point, and I returned to their prenatal nutrition suggestions during my own recent pregnancy.

Though focus on prenatal nutrition has risen in recent years, the full importance of it is not really that well known. What is even less well known is the effect that spiritual and emotional work can have on both baby’s development and labor and delivery.

I doubt there are any double blind trials on the subject.

When Sia was forming in my womb, I sat with her formation together with emptiness. Anytime there was a gap or separation between what was forming and emptiness, I held all the elements together with whatever arose until unification culminated. Just like I do in any healing/transformational process.

It was so interesting to watch the formation of her subtle bodies throughout the pregnancy. The first trimester was focused on the causal body. I experienced it as nested within my own, as if I was holding her within me. The focus for clearing was mostly ancestral/generational trauma. It took a few weeks of clearing before the causal body was forming in complete unification. I noticed that the foundation for the rest of her subtle bodies had been set due to that work.

I continued this unification work throughout the pregnancy. At each phase of unification reached, my insight told me “make sure there is a clear differentiation between you and her”. So I continued until we both experienced ourselves as completely unique, differentiated beings, though inhabiting the same space, connected as one. This is important as a foundation for inter-dependence without co-dependence in relationship.

In addition, I cleared any separation arising within me regarding labor and delivery. I feel that this was the clear path to creating the optimal outcome for us: a beautiful, easeful labor and birth at home with loving, competent people surrounding us.

I feel so grateful to have the consciousness tools, herbal and nutrition knowledge to have created such an amazing outcome. Our beautiful, amazing Sia is a testament to the power and magic of consciously creating our own reality. My wish is that all families have the tools, resources and love to create and provide optimally for their children.

May all beings be free from suffering.

~ Thessa Sophia ~

After unifying a key element of the creation of myself this morning… this:

Just like a man has to be willing to die in the womb of the divine feminine, the woman has to be willing to be broken open by her man embodying and driven by the divine masculine.

This is why building trust is so important for her. All the challenges she puts to you, the ones that show what you are made of, what you are capable of, whether you are committed through time or off to the next fun thing ~ when you as a man pass those gates, not only does your masculinity gain, but she gradually sees and trusts that you will break her open in the highest way.

She knows that this breaking is necessary to get to levels of evolution otherwise not accessible.

Women, don’t offer yourselves up too soon. Wait and see. Does this man have what it takes to access your highest edge so that he can ride it with you and break you both open into new territory? Will he remain and stay attentive when you are broken open and reforming? Will he have the capacity to guide that reformation according to Divine Will? Emptiness? Unification? Freedom? Magic?

If he does not make it past the gates that will arise naturally for him when you embody the wild feminine, he will not be able to handle your wildest self and nurture you when you are at your most vulnerable.

(Gender roles here defined solely for proper illustration ~ please apply to all kinds of relationships where masculine and feminine are independant of gender and informed by their deeper source)

~ Thessa Sophia ~


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