Initiations Within the Womb

The first in a series of 2 day retreats near Asheville, NC

September 18-20, 2015

This series of intensives is designed to awaken dormant capacities for creating and moving easefully with life. We do this together simply by putting our awareness into various tissues within the womb, vagina and associated erotic centers. Awakenings in these areas lead to refinements and development of new facets of being, ones that show you new ways to be creative, opening perspectives that before were limited. (continue reading)


Magic is the Science of Love, Life as Art is the Way

7 Day Intensive Residential Retreat

October 7 – 14 2015

This retreat presents the key, entry level, body of work which grounds the basic fundamentals from which all other exciting Heart Becoming explorations spring.

facilitated by Thessa Sophia, Fleur Chetwynd & Brian Satori Piergrossi

7 Day Intensive Residential Retreat

Intensive Introduction:

Stillness (Silence) leads to realizations of emptiness (void, unchanging, ground of being, true nature)
Realizations of emptiness lead to insight into consciously arising as aliveness and flow (the Tao)

Our main tools as we journey together are acceptance, allowance, surrender in body based sitting, mindfulness and moving meditation.

Our foundation for the week is Stillness.  Hence, we will start the day and the exercises grounding within Stillness and allowing time to deepen together into greater realizations of its true nature.

Setting and reinforcing that foundation of stillness is very important for the other areas that we will explore together in the play of creating life as art.  For example, stillness becomes the foundation for all other activity. We play with speaking, listening, perceiving, feeling and moving in communion with and informed by stillness as a group. (continue reading)


La Magie : Science de l’Amour / Vivre sa vie comme une œuvre d’art

Un atelier de deux jours ~ October 17/18 2015 ~ Paris

Proposé par Heart BecomingFacilitatrices : Fleur Chetwynd & Thessa Sophia & Brian Santori Piergrossi
Given in English with French translation
La quiétude de notre silence intérieur nous conduit à la réalisation de la vacuité, cet espace immuable qui représente la fondation de l’être, notre véritable nature.
Arriver à la réalisation de cette vacuité nous permet d’appréhender la manifestation de notre conscience en tant que pure expression de la force de vie, du flux (le Tao).  Nos outils principaux, lors de ce voyage partagé seront l’accueil, l’acceptation, ainsi que l’abandon à l’écoute du corps dans la pleine conscience, en position assise ou à travers la méditation en mouvement.
Le fondement de ces deux journées est la Quiétude (calme, silence intérieur).  Ainsi nous commencerons la journée et les exercices en nous ancrant dans la quiétude de notre silence intérieur, laissant le temps œuvrer pour que nous puissions approfondir ensemble la conscience de sa véritable nature.  Établir et renforcer cette fondation de quiétude à l’intérieur de nous est essentiel pour les autres domaines que nous explorerons ensemble dans ce jeu de création de la vie comme une œuvre d’art. Le silence intérieur devient alors la base de toute autre activité. (continue reading)

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