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I am delighted to be sharing this delicious update with you. Thessa Egan’s new website for Heart Becoming, what was formerly known as Alchemy Techniques, is finally finished.  Thessa Egan the founder and creator of this body of work, has been my most inspiring guide and teacher for 6 years. I have witnessed this body of work be born and die unto itself over and over again, with us along with it.

Thessa has held us all with such grace and love through out these many cycles of stillness and chaos we have traversed, a constant for which I am eternally grateful, all the while continually expanding our potential for awakening. In it’s simplicity it is an approach or orientation to deep meditation journey’s. I realize more and more, through continued contact, I am reflecting a becoming of the space of heart that Thessa sitting in stillness with me has cultivated. When people ask me what is Alchemy Techniques, now I feel like saying sit with me, breath into your yourself and feel the essence of it alive in you, become it for yourself.

“Heart Becoming is both a sitting and an active, body-centered, non-dual, integrative, meditation practice delving deep into the core of the heart. The primary aim of this practice is to experience directly the true nature of the primordial stillness originating there.” Thessa Egan

Through orientating to what is fundamental and unchanging the most efficient process for your awakening will ignite and become you, for stillness is the condition required for Alchemy to naturally arise. It is more a matter of cultivating the capacity to settle into primordial stillness; where transformation becomes an effect, like a slip-stream of dynamic evolutionary flow and self actualization.

I feel passionate about sharing this orientation to awakening with others, as Thessa has done with me. I truly feel I can say that what is alive in me in this time, is a reflection of Thessa’s right effort, illuminating the hearts potential unto itself. So often in prayer thanks is given to the masters before us, for all they have cultivated for life’s potential to awaken unto itself, I direct the essence of this prayer of gratitude towards Thessa and karma for unifying our paths in this life.

In the new year I will be going to America to absorb the final gems enabling me to be able to hold workshops and group meditations using the new material, which is already infused in my one to one healing practice and journey. Over the next months I will also be changing my website to align fully with Heart Becoming so I can express all that it has become today within me with fullness and continue to co-create with Thessa in our journey of Becoming All Heart. For now I will continue to run under the heading of Alchemy Techniques.

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  1. Dave says:


    Very interesting. Where does someone start?

    • thessa says:

      Hi Dave, we can have a chat if you’d like to see what your best way to engage is. We have a couple of retreats coming up and personal sessions are also available. You can email me at or friend me on facebook @ Thessa Sophia.

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