Healing as a Goal Oriented Endeavor

Many of the energy medicine healing techniques practiced today are designed as an active way of changing an issue or problem into a defined, desired result.   The underlying premise behind these techniques is that something is wrong, incomplete or should be different, with the technique designed to achieve a particular change toward the resolution of the problem (Let’s “fix” it).

For example, many distance healers send light, chi or intention to a subject and/or disease in order to achieve what they believe is a desired outcome: therefore the cancer subject receives light in order to destroy the cancer and the post surgical patient receives intention to increase wound healing time.

Other healing practices manipulate a person’s energy field in order to banish, cut out or call in energies to achieve a desired result.healing in progress250  “Cord cutting” (removing energetic connections between people), sending an undesirable energy or entity “into the light” and calling in spirit helpers are good examples.

Drawing a parallel to prayer, this would be the equivalent of a goal directed prayer.  In this case praying for a particular outcome to disease or discomfort.

This approach is actually not so different than mainstream medical philosophy.  The pill as the magical elixir and the scalpel as powerful sword in medicine is simply transferred into pills and swords of light and intention in the energy healing and prayer arena.

I have found through trial and error over many years of working as a healer that the basic assumption that something needs to be fixed and the methodologies arising out of that assumption create mixed, unstable, unreliable results at best and undesirable results at worst.

By unstable I mean that sometimes these techniques seem to create an effect and sometimes not.  Sometimes the effect is desirable and sometimes it isn’t.  The client may experience a temporary improvement, only to have the issue return in the same or similar expression.

I recently heard an interview on Coast to Coast AM (Aug 14, 2013) with Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University.  Dr. Radin was reporting on his recent research in distance healing in which post surgical wound healing time was being measured in relation to whether the patient received distance healing or not.

The premise was to test whether wound healing increased due to distance healing (measuring collagen deposition) within 8 days after the surgery.  Dr. Radin reported that not only did the wound healing not improve when under the influence of distance healing, but the more the healer felt they were interacting with the patient, the worse the patient felt as subjectively reported.

In Dr. Radin’s new book Paranormal, he also concludes “Because the mechanisms underlying the postulated effects are unknown, most of these experiments have focused on a straightforward empirical question:  Does it work?  Can distant healing intention really affect medical symptoms and outcomes?  Some clinical studies of hospital inpatients and medical outpatients suggest that it might be medically useful, but as a whole the clinical evidence remains uncertain.”  (Kindle edition location 3312)

Having been through years of trial and error toward achieving better results in my own clinical healing practice, I have no doubt that healing can affect medical symptoms and outcomes.  What I would really like to see is whether my premise that healing through Grace, as opposed to healing intention or active, directed transformation with a desired outcome, leads to more statistically significant, reliable and stable results.


Healing through Grace

Although healing through Grace is nothing new, and many healers are using this way of healing, I am going to describe what I mean by “healing through Grace” based on my own subjective, repeatable experience.  How I “work” on a daily basis with myself and clients.

When someone comes to me with an issue they would like to address, we discuss what the issue is, how they experience it physically, emotionally, mentally and situationally.  As we are talking, I become that person (merging consciousness), experiencing what they are describing, and often dimensionally more, in my own body.

When I have a good signature on the phenomenon that we are addressing, I sit at the origin of the whole phenomenon (the “problem” as most would term it) within the core of the heart.  When I say origin, I mean it literally.  The point at which the phenomenon arises where before it was not, its birth out of ground of being.

Via inquiry, the question that originally helped me discover this ultimate origin was “What is the origin of the problem?”  I was asking this question for many years in my healing practice before I realized that origin.  Notice the question is still problem oriented.

Now, when I’m working with someone, I don’t ask the question, but one could easily say that the question driving the healing process at origin is “What is the true nature of this phenomenon?”.

The key to “healing” is to sit at origin and experience whatever you are investigating with complete acceptance and surrender, without expectation of outcome and fundamentally, operating from the realization and hence, experience, that you are that origin.

I never know what the outcome will look like specifically, but the results always move toward a natural, more coherent expression.  This is why I consider the process to be driven by nature, or more precisely, the force behind nature.

Mossy BuddhaSome of the names throughout the ages given to what I call the origin and the force behind nature have been: the Tao, Ground of Being, The Spirit that Moves all Things, The Unknowable and The Unchanging.

After discovering origin and working there in a state of complete surrender and acceptance, doing nothing but allowing origin to infiltrate that which has forgotten its origin, I realized that there are no “problems” to “fix”.  There is really only reminding what has forgotten that is needed.  That is when my healing results became noticeably quicker, more profound and more transformative.

This path of surrender to origin is the equivalent to non-goal directed prayer, but with a very specific focus on an issue, organ, system etc. in healing.  The application of this extends beyond healing, to any point of investigation.

For example, in the same interview with Dr. Radin in which he described the wound healing experiment, he goes on to describe how in one of his experiments a monk with 60 years of meditation background successfully influenced a laser beam by having it bend.

(Partial transcipt of the Coast to Coast AM interview)

Dr. Dean Radin:  About at the 15 minute point, we started to get a big effect, he actually started pushing the (laser) beam around a little bit.  So I went back to him (the monk) and asked, so how do you think you did in this experiment? 

And he said “Well I didn’t do that well for the first half because I wasn’t sure how to do it.  But around half way through the experiment I figured it out and I was able to do the task.”

So the first question that came to mind was “Well how did you take your mind and put it into the room next door?” since all of our optical system was next door.

And he said “No, that’s not how you do it, you go inside” and he pointed to his heart.  “What you see as over there is actually inside.” 

And so now that I’ve studied the yogic lore in much greater detail, I understand what he was saying.  That our ordinary senses are always projecting outward. It’s creating a picture of a three dimensional world that we live in and move around in and it creates space and time.

But in these deep meditative states, everything, the whole universe is inside you.  So for him to get from here to the other room, he had to get deeply inside, meaning in a deep meditative state where the universe is in there, and he figured out where in there the beam was.

I recognized that the monk was influencing the laser beam through Grace, the same practice that I describe in healing, just used as a different application.  “But wasn’t he using intention to change the beam from solid to bending?”  one might wonder.  It’s a good question to ask the monk who actually did it.  Based on my experience, the intention would have been to find out the true nature of the laser’s “straightness”, and upon realization of this true nature, one would see and experience that the laser is already bending.  The outcome is a result of new understanding of what already is, not the intent to create something that wasn’t there before.

Energy healing experiments need to be designed based on the same method that the monk was using to bend the laser so that we can see whether it creates a more stable and natural outcome than goal directed healing.

Considering the mixed research results with distance healing, I wonder if healing through Grace is happening in a limited way even when the healers are instructed to use goal oriented techniques.  It would be interesting to review the existing research from the perspective of which distance healing trials were done using goal-directed healing or prayer and which were done using healing through Grace and what the results were.

My premise for distance and energy healing and research is that healers healing through Grace would achieve more statistically significant and more subjectively desirable results than the healers healing using specific results oriented techniques.

I am no where near an expert in the research that’s already been done on this, though I am aware of Spindrift’s research on goal directed versus non-goal directed prayer.  So that can be my upcoming project, finding out what has already been published within consciousness research regarding my own self-arrived at premise.

by Thessa Egan at www.heartbecoming.com



12 Responses to Healing as an act of Grace versus Healing as a Goal Oriented Endeavor

  1. Anne says:

    Such a beautiful article. It resonated deeply. Tho I confess, despite your further explanations in the comments I still don’t quite get how through seeing the true nature of the laser’s straightness one would see and experience that the laser is already bending. That’s not really a question, because you have already answered. Perhaps I am overly focussed on ‘understanding’ and information. But as I type a wondering arises in me about whether the true nature of the laser beam itself is that of all possibilities and that straightness is just one expression of it, so bending is simply another, or is it about the true nature of actual straightness rather than the laser beam? I think I may be complicating this for myself rather than seeing the simplicity.

    Thank you for such a heart touching and thought provoking article. Thank you Thessa.

    • thessa says:

      Hi Anne. Yes, you’ve got it 🙂 Bending is one of the possibilities and given that all time is “happening” at once, the laser is already bending. The fact that someone is looking to make it bend means that the possibility of it bending exists. It can get mind bending 🙂 Thanks for your comments and best wishes. Thessa

  2. Leanora says:

    You might like what Nassim says: ‘the whole is unpredictable from the sum
    of the parts’. When I read that it made so much sense to me. The nature of grace is unpredictable, and if the perceiver has no agenda… it seems to me that we dynamically head toward more coherence, or if you like toward remembering who we are. In my work I have found the balance between expansion, the whole, and focus, the stillness at the centre of the heart… to be keys in this ‘remembering’.

    • thessa says:

      Thanks Leanora. For me, the remembering creates the coherence. And when there is forgetting, coherence encourages remembering. Coming from inside out or outside in, both are needed. Either is a fine starting point. Love, Thessa

  3. Nirupama Rao says:

    Hi! Happy to meet you through Lyrica Mia whom I respect a lot. I can relate to your article. I came across Anthroposophy that also says that illness is not something to be done away with. Illness has a definite meaning and purpose. Illness has to be respected and accepted. As my teacher said, “If we shine the light of awareness on illness”, it can, like an alchemy, transform into something that can take us to our next stage in our individual evolution. Also when you speak of grace, we recently had this experience where my daughter was applying for various colleges. Although we wished she would get into ‘the’ best college, we wondered if that was best for her! So we prayed for grace and for a college that was best for her according to the supreme intelligence. It however turned out to be that ‘the’ best college and ‘her’ best college were the same!! Am eager to learn more about the Heart!!
    Love and blessings,

    • thessa says:

      It is very nice to meet you Nirupama and thank you for your comments. Yes I agree with you about illness. It can show us the way toward grace in places or circumstances within ourselves in which we have lost contact with it. I loved your grace sharing about your daughter’s college. For me much of the magic comes in being surprised by the outcome. Like the ultimate, funnest, cliffhanger 🙂 I’m so happy to make connections through Lyrica and Gayle, whom I’m very close to, so contact me anytime! All the best. Thessa

  4. Karsten says:

    This is really interesting and I like the way you unfold the story. Though, you lost me twice. First: here: “I recognized that the monk was influencing the laser beam through Grace”. How did you recognize this – something said in the interview? I don’t get the connection to the description of healing as Grace. Second (and this is the most exciting part): “…one would see and experience that the laser is already bending.”. So where would this come from? The experiment seems to be goal oriented (let’s see if the monk can bend the beam). The experiment could have had other goals such as changing the color of the beam. Bending or changing color doesn’t seem to be the beams natural expression in its origin so there must be a specific intention arising in the monk. I can’t see why the force behind Nature would naturally change the beams expression towards bending etc. Could you please elaborate?

    Hugs //

    • thessa says:

      Hi Karsten. Thanks for playing with me! (You won’t believe it, but as I type this reply, hummingbird in the house again and only for the second time!)

      First: here: “I recognized that the monk was influencing the laser beam through Grace”. How did you recognize this – something said in the interview?

      I recognized it because I can feel what the monk was doing during the experiment as Dean Radin was talking about it. I realize that’s not exactly conventional, or generally considered to be real evidence in an argument. I was hoping to illustrate this to the reader by making a connection that I felt but was hard to talk about logically. I guess I failed! Not surprising… How can it be better done?

      On your second point, I changed the sentence you referred to to show specificity in relationship to a particular property of the laser:

      “Based on my experience, the intention would have been to find out the true nature of the laser’s “straightness”, and upon realization of this true nature, one would see and experience that the laser is already bending.”

      Do I need to say more on that?

      One of my own queries was, ok, so the monk sees the true nature of the laser’s straightness, but how is it then that the experimenters and the equipment pick up the change, given that those people are not doing what the monk is doing?

      Then I remembered that during the interview Dean Radin also relates that at the same 15 minute mark that they later realized the laser started bending, him and 2 technicians in the experiment began to feel strange. I think he said he lost his focus and forgot what he was doing, which is highly unusual for him, as a scientist tracking in the middle of an experiment.

      This is the same kind of effect I see all the time merging with people and healing, so it seems to me that the monk was not effecting the laser, but was effecting the perception of the perceivers of the experiment so that they could experience the true nature of the laser’s straightness! Oh that’s a mind-full ☺ And then there’s the question of the equipment’s role, which I’m not ready to tackle that mind bend now ☺

      Did I actually elaborate in the way that was needed or go off on a tangent?

  5. Hannah says:

    Hi Thessa,
    Thank you for this article. Its nothing new to me, and I know its nothing new to you either, but I felt inspired to speak to what you have named here, because it does feel so fundamentally important…
    This distinction between goal orientated healing and healing through grace completely resonates with my own experience in both my meditation practise and healing journey, and my professional craniosacral therapy work. If I ever try to fix anything I’ve just started off on the wrong track, and am not receiving the client, myself or the presenting conditions from a place of true acceptance and kindness. Conversely, ‘Being with’ the conditional forces and identification patterns from a place of deep inner calm and heart centred presence, not looking for anything to happen, opens up the space for huge shifts to occur – and these shifts are not limited by my perception of what is ‘best’ or ‘right’. Once something is seen and received just as it is, it is free to change, evolve, transform, heal. Indeed it seems to me that it was only the reaction towards / judgement that was holding the conditions on place…
    Much love
    Hannah xx

    • thessa says:

      That was very eloquently said Hannah. I love that you commented.

      Thank you for sharing, also because you illustrate how healing through Grace can be done as the foundation of a technique. Just because a technique is used doesn’t mean Grace cannot do the healing. It’s the facilitator’s state of presence that determines.

      Big Hug!

  6. Else says:

    Dear Thessa. I like the article very much 🙂 I tried to look ‘Endeavor’ up but did not manage to understand it. Would you please translate it? Love Else

    • thessa says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Else! I’m glad you liked the article. I’m going to change a few things in it based on some comments I’ve received.
      Here is the dictionary definition of “endeavor” as a noun. It is also a verb!
      1: serious determined effort
      2: activity directed toward a goal : enterprise
      Hope that helps 🙂
      Love Thessa

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