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Heart Becoming and Alchemy Techniques aren’t that different, fundamentally.  Both move toward direct experience of our true nature and the wholeness which naturally results from never forgetting that true nature within our body and in the execution of our mundane lives.

When Rob Egan and I started teaching what we had learned to other therapists in Scotland in 2009, it was a spontaneous, interest driven venture that called for us to put everything we knew about healing and transformation into a 3 week workshop.  This workshop later became 4 online modules that took most who completed the full course about 1.5 years and included trauma healing, therapist training, ecstatic state induction and identity exploration.  My role within that, besides facilitator, has always been one of explorer and researcher, using my keen sense of inner perception to map what I experienced across clients.  I was always looking for the origin of trauma, then the origin of identity.  I was sure that there was one origin for it all and it took me many years of watching the inner domain unfold, eventually showing me that was true.

Alchemy Techniques evolved based on our latest discoveries of healing and exploration techniques that we found had worked most efficiently up to that point on our own path as therapists.  Eventually this evolution lead to an uber-simplification and required a major overhaul of the course structure, making the structural aspects of Alchemy Techniques irrelevant. Also, Rob moved on to other ventures and I was left at the helm to drive based on my particular approach.

One important change in Heart Becoming from Alchemy Techniques is that Alchemy Techniques was more technique focused and Heart Becoming is non-technique, fundamental principle based.  Instead of 1.5 years learning techniques, the focus is on developing a practice of returning to the heart, both in sitting meditation and mindfulness practice.  The heart will show you what is the next appropriate piece to be integrated, all you have to do is show up with acceptance.

As a facilitator I had spent years trying to sort out all the inner information in order to simplify and make others paths more efficient.  At some point all the information reduced down to a singular Aha! moment which revealed the ultimate simplicity:  all that is needed is to realize one’s origin, and then never forget it, not in any moment, situation, or in the face of any person.  Conveniently that also equals “healing”.  Suddenly 2-3 days workshops seemed to be the most appropriate way to guide people into that, with daily practice as the backbone.

That is the short story of how Alchemy Techniques became Heart Becoming.  I am so grateful to the Alchemy Techniques tribe, who traveled with us through a sometimes complex path, so that eventually the simplification could reveal itself.

May all beings be released from suffering!

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