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Calling out to my Bentinho Massaro friends, as well as my “Asheville Healer Tribe” friends…
I just did a session with Thessa Sophia (the woman who’s house I’m living at), and I wrote this testimonial. I feel so passionate about what I am learning from her, that I wanted to share it with you all…
(She’s doing an event in Asheville March 13th, does Skype Sessions, and could actually offer her trainings online too if we gathered enough interest)

I just did a session with Thessa Sophia- I am blown away by the “keys” she seems to be holding that I have forgotten about. To me, it feels like a piece of the enlightenment/ self development puzzle that I (and others?) have been missing- a navigating of the unconscious/ subconscious realms with the mastery of a ninja…

I don’t really have much scholarly or clear understanding of this area, and, again, these are just my words- but the over simplified image/ metaphor I am getting right now is that the unconscious/ subconscious realms are the realms of the divine feminine- they are, in a way, the dark underworld- a place of emotions and mystery. What I am seeing is that Thessa is like some Greek deity that can navigate these realms freely, safely, with clarity and precision. Or, again, an oversimplification, but what I am seeing is her tying a rope around herself, and crossing the river WITH me into these areas inside myself- with a full knowing that she is just a momentary companion, with full integrity in knowing that she is not actually “doing” anything “to’ me.

The cool thing that I sense about Thessa’s journey, is that she has actually journeyed through traditions and trainings and programs that actually claim to be “doing something to help or heal people”, she has studied almost every path of mastery that I know of. So, undoubtedly these studies have informed her wisdom and precision. But, to me, she feels like the highest form of “healer”, in that she knows that she has to leave all of these perceived “concepts” and tools at the river when she crosses over with us.

To be journeying with another being who is so sublime in their integrity, in their devotion to the one and only truth, the truth that we all are, is so amazing. So, in summary, she is a laser healer and guide who paradoxically, surrenders her laser-ness. And, who also has broken down the very non-linear ways of navigating these realms into a simple and transferable “system” with roots both in the healing arts, energy awareness, and both leading edge and ancient enlightenment traditions. And she seems devoted to clearly offering enough experiences of this “system” so that I know I can do it myself, on my own, whenever I desire or need to.

My experiences in working with her, in simple terms, is a reminder to slow waaaayyy down- a reminder that these parts of myself, the deep and wise places, do not work in linear ways… that the sort of relief, ease, understanding, shifting and unwinding that I am truly seeking comes from a journey into and through this” eye of the needle”, and, when I really go there with Thessa, I am amazed sometimes at the ancient roots, non-personal themes, or so so subtle beliefs that have been weaving themselves into the “technology” that I am, and that the life that I’m living is.

It’s almost like there are different frequencies of “inner work” – like, we can address/ explore limiting beliefs, human patterning, etc from any level of “density”, any layer of mind, frequencies, density etc. In working with Thessa I feel like I have tasted an even subtler layer/ level from which to explore what may be making up my being- it’s so subtle, refined, yet immensely powerful. To me, it seems like her ideal “people” are people who have some background in energy healing, or meditation, or shamanic journeying, yet who have a curiosity to “go deeper” or unwind even more of the subtle human patterning, or the patterning of separation, to even vaster and subtler and more profound levels.

Before working with Thessa today, I was feeling fragmented, confident in some areas yet chaotic in others. Rushing yet stalling, wise yet confused… After working with Thessa I’m feeling surrendered, humbled, and yet also majorly shifted in my actual physical life, deeply and lastingly empowered, and profoundly connected to my inner deity, my ancient mystery school wisdom, and such a fun stream of “knowing” that I had previously forgotten.”

Sarah Southerland ~ Asheville, NC

“We looked at my muscular system and found core issues that I haven’t been able to see for myself.  She helped me see the origin of the injury, which wasn’t actually where the pain was located.  After healing only one of the issues that Thessa found, it felt like I found myself.  And I had missed me!  I feel grounded within myself in a whole new way.  I’m so glad I did this.  I’m truly impressed!”

Anja Vraa ~ Stainless Steel Smith and Trauma Healing Therapist – Denmark

“Thessa is a beast in the spirit realm! She holds space firmly and gently no matter how daunting the challenge she may currently be facing. Today I was pretty much an inconsolable ball of rage and sadness. Today I felt like nothing would get through to me- or break down my walls. I’m experiencing some of the most profound heartbreak I have felt in my life and I am NO stranger to a broken heart- mine or others. Her power and personal insight and authority in how she holds and experiences space is it’s own Universe of Pearls and Diamonds. I know that many of you know her worth and her sacred demeanor… but you only know the fraction of her if you have not seen and experienced her Authentic nature in a more personalized manner of professional and loving conduct. She impresses me in how she faces the demons (and mine are super sophisticated because they have to be to get to me) I let loose in her company. Did I mention the “inconsolable” part?? Yes indeed I did. She must hold space with Condor medicine to be able to digest so perfectly the parts that I couldn’t. My greatest healing was to be witnessed so perfectly in my most painful sorrow. I’ve had all day to integrate the experience and I must say there is more light now shining inside the shadows. I also love how her cat defended my vulnerable heart with some deep and purifying growls and her sweet angel of a dog poured into my lap and covered me in kisses. THIS WOMAN IS WORTH HER WEIGHT (and far more as she is slender) IN GOLD!! Thank You Goddess for holding such supreme space for me in my time of need! I am so blessed to have you present in my life.”

~ Gwenevere Bridge


In my session with Thessa I wanted to know whether my heart and cardiovascular system was working okay and if there was anything I could do to make it better/stronger.

In my world the holistic view is one of the pillars, meaning that there is connection between body and mind. If you have a problem in your body you also have a problem in your mind and vice versa.

Thessa has the same viewpoint so it was a perfect fit for me.

My translation of what Thessa is actually doing is; in the session she is connecting with my inner self so I am able to hear what it is saying, one could also say that it is experiencing the bridge between the gaps of my own knowing.

I recognized some of the issues from working with myself, but the depth of the issues she told me in some cases I had not even begun to put into words myself.

Absolutely spot on!

Anita Vraa ~ Trauma healing therapist – Denmark


Thessa’s work with me and my autistic daughter Lyrica has been miraculous!  As we have journeyed with Thessa into our soul trauma areas to find freedom and an enlivened sense of self, we are in AWE of how quickly we are discovering and expressing new aspects of our own Light within. Just yesterday we tapped into a whole new healing gift that has been within us forever, yet it has finally come into form!  What is most empowering about this emergence is that we know it has been birthed from our own co-creation with Spirit, a process that has been Divinely supported by our work with Thessa. Thessa, you are such a blessing to us as we work together to reveal and share our unique gifts of enlightenment and service.

~ Gayle B. Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez, authors of Awetizm.  Find their work at

I tried your technique (reflection tech) and I’m so very impressed. It almost overwhelmed me. I felt like I needed to let him stand there in front of me longer before I could breathe the experience in. It was too intense, I was afraid to do so. But I did and I felt my fears about everything. The second time I let him stand before me in my mind it was a completely different experience. I was overwhelmed with love. It was just amazing.

~ Wilma

Dear Thessa,

I am just writing you to say thank you for your help yesterday. I feel so much better! My wall is gone and the world looks totally different! People don’t look scary anymore. I know that the wall is a metaphor, but I really feel like I can breath much better now, because the wall is gone from my chest. It is really weird! I actually spent a few hours with a girl from my school today, and I was enjoying it! I was amazed that I didn’t just want to go home right away!! I could relax and be in the moment for the first time in years!

I can’t thank you enough! The healing was one of the hardest ones I have had to do, but it was worth it!

~ Pia N.

Dear Thessa,

I am so grateful for the work we did together.  I am kind and take loving care of myself. I am very patient with my self.  I feel safe when I am together with other people.  I think loving thoughts to my self.

(A friend) said yesterday that she could feel that I was more relaxed.  It is safe for me to tell strangers about my healings dance and it is also safe for me to dance for other people.  I can feel that I am worthy to live and to receive love just because I am me. That is fantastic.  It is easier for me to heal myself now.  I know I am valuable. I am so grateful for that new feeling – my life feels completely new and I feel newborn.  Dear beautiful Thessa Thank you from my heart.

~Tone Annet

Hi Thessa,

Thanks for a good session.  I am doing fine, my dizziness is gone, and the pain in my shoulder is gone. I feel more clear.  All my life I have had this dizziness on and off (like a big vortex) like feeling up side down. I will notice the change in the future and give you feed back.

~Christina T.

Dear Thessa

I am amazed by the difference before and after you!  The work you did with me has made a huge change for me. We worked on the greyness in my everyday life. And it is gone for good. It does not affect how I am when I wake up in the mornings nor how I deal with difficult work situations…

It is wonderful!  I have gotten a good quality of my life back. It seems to me that I’m on my way home. Home to something I have known before as a child and a young woman.  I simply love what I experience.

~ Anne H

 We had a session last Saturday. It was about nervousness in general. Yesterday I had a test in front of the class on the blackboard. It was not comparable to the one two weeks ago. First, I understood the math problem that I should solve only superficially. Second I hadn’t had the time to prepare properly and I went to the blackboard with a photocopied piece of paper that wasn’t even my own copy (it’s not that unusual to do this, we just have to be able to explain everything.) It still worked out though and I was less nervous than last time; though last time I knew what I was doing. I think the teacher didn’t notice that I was trying to figure out what I was doing while I wrote on the board 🙂

Well, it was not that bad, I understood the basic concepts, but normally I would have been super nervous when doing this. This time, I was just a bit excited.

Another issue I learned from our session that I didn’t anticipate was that I found out that my way to heal things is a bit superficial compared to the way you heal things. I knew that my healing technique could be more profound, but I didn’t know how much more.

~Michael P.


Heart Becoming Retreat and Workshop Testimonials

How can one “go back” to living in a state of “safe” disconnect after having received the tools of self-awareness in such a loving, embracing, intensive and magical environment? I cannot, nor would I ever want to even if I could.

This retreat, held in the sacred Wiltshire hills near Stonehenge, was 7 days of carefully-orchestrated exercises that succeeded in allowing all attendees to experience the intrinsic stillness inside all of us–no matter what we “think” we are feeling or the condition we “think” we are in–and to perceive this stillness in relation to our body.

The observer became the observed.

There is a plethora of retreat options at any given time, but most just scratch the surface of identity work, reflection and the masculine/feminine. This retreat (or rather a progression) dove deep into each thoroughly.

The professionalism of the facilitators, Thessa Sophia and Fleur Chetwynd, with Brian Piergrossi, was crystal clear. They were fully hands-on, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and unwavering. They all have studied and worked for years and continue to seek knowledge without pause. I cannot sing their praises adequately.

Because of the intense work done at this retreat, as well as the fantastic “after-care,” I have crossed a new threshold and can continue the exercises to keep me grounded no matter where I am.


This is a blog post that Patricia wrote a few days after the initial heart becoming workshop (she refers to it in the article).  She is a cloth artist that produces very beautiful and meaningful work.  I am putting her post Heart Becoming blog post here with her permission, in order to give readers a sense of her Heart Becoming experience.

You can read her blog at

Sitting in stillness this morning. Then noticing. The play of light and shadow. How both are essential. How one part will either recede or move forward, wholly dependent on where I place my attention.  Yet each part of this lightness/darkness image requiring the other.

At a workshop this weekend I experienced what I can only call a fundamental shift in the arrangement of pieces of self–the experience of coming together of disparate parts. A melding. Into one.  And I’m calling this evolution because it was an organic experience–  an adjustment, adaptation–natural selection.

For ever, my m.o. has revolved around “getting rid of.” Banning, removing, resisting,  purging the disparate pieces of self that seemed problematic.  This “getting rid of” model was a futile Promethean endeavor–exhausting and depleting.  So this weekend’s epiphany –that the getting rid of paradigm simply DOES NOT work for me–was both profound and a huge relief.    And the experience itself –well really words diminish it.  But put simply,  all that was required was a “welcoming” attitude. An embracing. A shifting–a making room for– a scooting over to offer ALL these pieces of SELF a place at the table.

And as a post script: One of the guests at the table is voicing doubt with this post. Wanting to be sure I clarify something–that being this: the welcoming is on-going. Never finished. Sometimes guests leave and return. This shift is only that–an opening, an awareness–and it will need be applied to almost each moment, each day, from here — to here on.

And as it happens so often,  again  the metaphor of whole cloth.  The integration of disparate parts and scraps that eventually merge into a unified, strong fabric.  Here is the continued evolution of Primordial Soup.  More kantha stitches completed on the tree curtain.  More on the way.  The addition of a few more thread bumps in the soup itself.  More on the way.




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