Here’s how a long time student describes Thessa: “the pre-eminent, freaky, soul-teaching, empath-healing, heart-orienting, human-biofeedbacking, zen-sticking, brain-freezing, universe-exploring, fun-loving, down-to-earth, big-hearted, neo-nagual” ~ Jeff B.

Thessa Sophia (Egan) is your guide and technical advisor on your journey into the deepest part of the heart.  She developed the Heart Becoming meditation after many years of guiding others in healing and self exploration both one to one and in group retreat settings.  Her training has been formal, informal and self taught, culminating in her current capacity to guide others.

What makes her healing approach unique is that while she is guiding, she is also using deep empathy via her own body and energy field.  As a result she shares what it is like to be you, and helps transform and integrate what occurs within the person healing.

Thessa had a deep interest in the psyche along with a great empathy for her fellow humans and animals that sparked her to earn to a Bachelors degree in psychology. Later, a strong rational mind sent her back to school to gain a Masters degree in Information Technology. The combination of a scientific mind and an empathic heart became the basis for her later diplomas and apprenticeships in the alternative medicine field as a Certified Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, regression therapist and direct consciousness researcher.

Thessa started her healing practice in 2004 using NAET (allergy elimination technique), kinesiology, nutritional and herbal counseling. She trained in regression therapy in the pursuit of exploring and helping people gain ecstatic states of consciousness.  She had the unique experience of working in a research group that used inner vision as the microscope (remote viewing) to uncover the causes of disease and the effect of trauma on the human energy field. This process of research helped her refine her skills of perception like an athlete refines her skill in practice.

Eventually her background as a therapist and researcher lead her to develop a healing and meditation modality called Alchemy Techniques. Within Alchemy Techniques her focus became tracking trauma, and eventually all experience, to its origin, transcending from healing into identity exploration.

Heart Becoming began to arise at the point on Thessa’s path with the realization that healing is nothing other than a search for the true Self – the unchanging, non-personal, pure awareness and the experience of living life fully integrated with that Self.  This results in healing and health in all levels.  Hence the focus of Heart Becoming is to realize that true Self primarily, and then experience transformation that results from that realization, i.e. “healing”, secondarily.

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