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Individual Sessions

Dual meditation ~ In this one on one session I teach you how to go into Silence within the core of the heart by going there with you.  We walk the path together until you feel comfortable to return and continue on your own.  Once this foundation has been set, you can then move into practicing holding Silence as the foundation for all experience, with the eventually merging of this Silence into all other experience, resulting in flow.  Dual meditation together also cultivates this phase or your practice and helps when you feel stuck in process.  This session is great to do as a taster before a workshop.            Length: 1.5 hours  Cost: $150I am infinite - Artist Candida Maurer

Healing Session ~ This kind of session focuses on any particular issue you would like to heal, with the goal of gaining fresh insight into the cause of the issue and working toward the resolution of it.  Usually my healing sessions are done with you over skype or phone, and it is very much like the dual meditation, in that we are both exploring the issue together.  The difference is that you are reporting your experience to me as it arises, working at whatever level is natural for you, and I am sitting at the origin of the problem in a non-dual state.  Together we find and explore the origin of the issue until it is transcended and transformed.                Length: 1.5 hours  Cost: $150

 First sessions are always 1.5 hours.  Sessions after that can be reduced to 1 hour if desired.  Multiple session packages at a bundled rate are available.

Readings ~ Medical intuitive and energy readings happen when appropriate and spontaneously during my healing sessions.  When you want to put all of your focus on getting information about your illness, energy flow, state of mind or emotional state, this is the session for you.  I share with you my perceptions of your physiology, energy flow, physical and energetic anatomy, along with suggestions for healing.  These suggestions will range from spiritual practice, to emotional release, to herbal remedies, to diet and nutrition.           Length: 30 min Cost $65 OR  1 hour  Cost: $100

Send me an email to set up a session time.  Pay using the paypal button below.  Checks and bank transfers also accepted.

Choose Your Session

“In my session with Thessa I wanted to know whether my heart and cardiovascular system was working okay and if there was anything I could do to make it better/stronger.In my world the holistic view is one of the pillars, meaning that there is connection between body and mind. If you have a problem in your body you also have a problem in your mind and vice versa.

Thessa has the same viewpoint so it was a perfect fit for me.

My translation of what Thessa is actually doing is; in the session she is connecting with my inner self so I am able to hear what it is saying, one could also say that it is experiencing the bridge between the gaps of my own knowing.

I recognized some of the issues from working with myself, but the depth of the issues she told me in some cases I had not even begun to put into words myself.

Absolutely spot on!”

Anita Vraa – Trauma healing therapist – Denmark


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