There are many ways to experience Heart Becoming – See also group and onsite retreats.

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Individual Sessions

Dual meditation for Awakening, Healing and Inner Alchemy ~

This work happens one on one in dual meditation in person or by skype or phone.    We sit together with physical sensations, emotions, thoughts ~ all sensory experience ~ in acceptance, allowance and surrender, with Silence as our foundation.  We begin to explore identity, the one having the experience, in relationship to the topic you want to investigate.  The eventual unification of the sensory experience, the one having the experience and Silence brings a natural awakening, resolution and coherence of the self in new beauty of expression.       Length: 1.5 hours  Cost: $150

 First sessions are always 1.5 hours.  Sessions after that can be reduced to 1 hour if desired.  Multiple session packages at a bundled rate are available.

Send me an email to set up a session time.  Pay using the paypal button below.  Checks and bank transfers also accepted.


Mini Journeys (Transformational Readings) ~

My simplest service is to attune myself to another and provide feedback into the gap between where they are and where they are going along the path of awakening, spiritual evolution and optimal health.

Use me as a mirror for your inner environment, one offering new angles and wider views.

As I feel you and reflect back, the transformational process continues.

Come, let my words draw you to that hidden place within you.

Walk with me in new discovery.


It’s important to start this mini journey with one clear question.


I receive your question,

Then, attune myself to what arises within you as the question is asked.

Walk with me into what arises,

To the deepest depths,

the least common denominator,

Until the question fulfills itself.


Any topic is welcome, as long as it is related to you: physical health and disease, awakening, your energy field, your personality patterns, relationships,  “ego”, inner alchemy, trauma healing, pregnancy and birth etc.


Send your question via email ( or facebook message.

I will respond with a 15 minute audio file of my mini journey into you.

The *introductory* rate is $32.  Please pay at the time that you send your question.


May it be a nurturing morsel toward the forever blossoming awakeness that is your life.

Session Options

“In my session with Thessa I wanted to know whether my heart and cardiovascular system was working okay and if there was anything I could do to make it better/stronger.  In my world the holistic view is one of the pillars, meaning that there is connection between body and mind. If you have a problem in your body you also have a problem in your mind and vice versa.

Thessa has the same viewpoint so it was a perfect fit for me.

My translation of what Thessa is actually doing is; in the session she is connecting with my inner self so I am able to hear what it is saying, one could also say that it is experiencing the bridge between the gaps of my own knowing.

I recognized some of the issues from working with myself, but the depth of the issues she told me in some cases I had not even begun to put into words myself.

Absolutely spot on!”

Anita Vraa – Trauma healing therapist – Denmark


Contributing Artists

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