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*Notice*:  The weekly online meditation is suspended during the summer of 2014 and will reinstate in the fall of 2014.  Follow the facebook page for the latest updates.

Heart Becoming online meditation groups are now happening once a week.Sunset Moon

Who: For now, those invited to the meditation group are anyone who has worked with me, Thessa, personally now or in the past, or anyone who has a strong meditation or healing background already.  If I do not know you and you would like to participate in this meditation, please send me an email describing your meditation and/or healing background and wait to hear back from me before joining the call.

What: Thessa will guide the group through the basic Heart Becoming meditation.  This meditation is the foundation for all other applications, such as healing and self inquiry.  We will begin with a short hello from each participant and a brief introduction to the meditation by Thessa.  Then the guided meditation, which takes about 40 minutes.  Time permitting at the end of the meditation, we can have a short sharing if anyone feels inspired to do so.

WhenMondays at 2pm EST.  Each session will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How: We will be using a free conference calling service.  The number to dial is (001) for USA, then (424) 203-8405.  You will be asked to input an access code, which is 955528#.  This is a Skype accessible number.

The online meditations are by donation.  You can donate any amount that you choose by choosing the quantity of $1 on the paypal “Buy Now” button below.  For example if you want to donate $15, then choose the quantity as 15, since the dollar amount is set at $1.

If you would like to share your meditation experience here on the website, please do so in the comments section below.


12 Responses to Weekly Online Meditation

  1. Valerie Meehan says:

    Hi Thessa –

    I missed the first Monday meditation as I was away training with Fleur and Leonora. Is it OK to join you this Monday? This is exactly what I need right now!

    • thessa says:

      Yes of course Valerie, please do come whenever you can make it. I’m looking forward to having you. It’s been a long time! I hope the training on pantelleria treated you well.

      • Valerie Meehan says:

        Sorry – I didn’t get home from work in time to join you this evening. It will be easier from next week when it starts at 7pm GMT. Pantelleria was amazing – a truly life changing experience!

        • thessa says:

          Oh good to hear about your pantelleria experience. Hope to have you on the call next week!

          • Valerie Meehan says:

            Heart Becoming meditation was amazing – such profound stillness. When I opened my eyes I realised how much attention I pay to the external world and how little to my inner self – felt this rebalanced during the meditation. Thank you, Thessa x

          • thessa says:

            Thanks for posting your experience Valerie. It was great having you there and I’m happy that you got something out of the meditation. Also, please add me to your skype contact list: heartbecoming is the skype name account. I searched on you but didn’t know which one you were as there were several with your name. Love Thessa

  2. Tammy Moksha says:

    Hi Thessa,,
    This is a wonderful service of which I would like to take part. It is excellent for me as I don’t get out much and connect to others via internet (or in this case phone). I hope you have gotten to know me and my depth of experience enough to accept me into the group. Namaste!

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh lovely yummy, awesome 🙂 Will try to schedule the meditations in… is it just drop in on a session by session basis? Do you need to know in advance if I can make it?
    It will be lovely to sit with you in the heart <3

    • thessa says:

      Hey Hannah! Would love you to be there. No need to rsvp, and yes, you can just come when it suits you. I tried to vary the times to accomodate U.S. and Europe. XO

  4. Gayle says:

    Hi Thessa, I have been meditating daily for about 18 years. Some guided mediations, some creative visualization, some Journeying, some zen (emptying my mind). I’d like to try your weekly online meditation.

    • thessa says:

      Hi Gayle, thanks for the background info. It’s good for me to know so that I know that people that I haven’t worked with before have some kind of foundation in which they can return to in case the meditation leaves them with something active. Hope to see you on the call! Thessa

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