Heart Becoming

is a direct experience meditation, without methodology… without technique… Heart is the map.  Becoming is the natural process of unfolding,  blossoming, that occurs to the one who experiences the origin of itself within the core of the heart.  Heart is the return to the non-dual, fundamental, changeless reality – the Tao, Ground of Being, Presence.  Becoming is the life affirming, body embedded, improved quality of experience that turns life into magical, mystical, mastery.

7th Chakra - Artist Candida Maurer

Heart Becoming meditation is the soft, structural support through this natural process.

Curiosity can be the driving force.  What is the origin of pain? Of suffering?  Of pleasure?  Of the one asking the question?  The answers come via direct experience.  This direct experience informs our daily life and tasks through mindfulness.

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Branding: Candida Maurer for the use of her beautiful transformational mandalas.
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