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Artwork by Jessica Begin

Artwork by Jessica Begin

This basic meditation takes you deep into the core of the heart, and then brings you back out again, initiating the traversed layers of self toward integration.  This practice is the foundational tool that I recommend people to start with and also to use at home in between sessions or workshops.  It provides a solid base for all other work that we will do together.  It reinforces acceptance, allowance and surrender, a somatic approach and most importantly using stillness as the foundation for all other experience.

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The Heart Becoming Basic Meditation – More Details

I went to a Shamanic breathwork retreat this weekend, and spiritual journey represented by the analogy of going deep into the cave of oneself, gaining insights and gifts there and coming back out to share these gifts with the world was prevalent.

This analogy is deeply meaningful to me, as it can be directly applied to my life’s work. My role has been to walk with people, much of the time one on one, holding hands, into the cave of their own heart. They find there a deep, dark, watery pool that eventually they will completely immerse themselves into and arise back out of anew.

It takes tremendous courage to do this, as often in the process one experiences difficult emotional states, lack of self awareness and existential fear of annihilation prior to realization of the unchanging Self, complete transformation of self and ecstatic states of consciousness.

It can be done without a guide. The guide can’t do the work for you, but it can be extremely comforting and orienting to have someone by your side whom is intimately familiar with this journey, pointing the way, holding the space and being a witness to the process.

Infinity_Wallpaper_by_DfianttAfter many years of being a guide for spiritual journey, a succinct practice for going deep into the cave, transforming, rebirthing, then bringing what was gained in that process back to family, friends and community, made itself apparent. The infinity symbol is a perfect representation of this ongoing path of spiritual evolution.

I found the deepest recesses of the cave to be living within the core of the heart. Body awareness, acceptance and stillness are the key elements and foundational backbone I use for integration and healing on the journey into the cave and back again.

This way encourages integration of all parts of Being over time, including the union of the deepest unconscious with the most conscious awareness. It helps us to avoid staying at one point of the path longer than is needed. It’s easy to hunker down in the cave and stagnate there, or avoid going into the deepest part by losing ourselves to the high activity of everyday life.

The basic Heart Becoming meditation guides us into the cave, the core of the heart, and back out again, returning to conscious awareness with the insights and transformations gained from the journey. Once the capacity to traverse this path becomes inherent, it acts as the foundation for specific explorations like trauma healing, identity work, ecstatic states of consciousness, conflict resolution and esoteric investigations.

Therefore I recommend that those who work with me start with this basic meditation and also continue to use it as on ongoing practice while we work together. It acts as a strong foundation for all other work we will do and is meant to support all other healing and spiritual practice as well.


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    I would like to do this with you.

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