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Heart Becoming Introduction ~ Retreat Jan 2017


Heart Becoming ~ Retreat Highlights ~ Jan 2017


~ Emptiness, Identity Work and the Conscious Creation of Life as Art ~


On Awakening

What is Healing?

How is it related to awakening?

I entered the healing field using others healing techniques. After thorough investigation and mastery of them, I created my own healing techniques and taught them to others. Then I realized the foundation for all functional healing techniques is not a technique at all. That is now what I use and teach others.

Description of the Initiations Within the Womb Retreat on Pantelleria Island in October 2017

A fun video with Sarah and I walking in the woods


Radio Interview on AshevilleFM

~ Visit this link to hear my interview with Bob Hanna in September 2016. We talked emptiness, healing, womb work, baby, awakening and empathy. I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was beautiful to connect with Asheville in this new way. Thanks Bob !



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Gratitude to the artists contributing to the beauty of this website.
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