After unifying a key element of the creation of myself this morning… this:

Just like a man has to be willing to die in the womb of the divine feminine, the woman has to be willing to be broken open by her man embodying and driven by the divine masculine.

This is why building trust is so important for her. All the challenges she puts to you, the ones that show what you are made of, what you are capable of, whether you are committed through time or off to the next fun thing ~ when you as a man pass those gates, not only does your masculinity gain, but she gradually sees and trusts that you will break her open in the highest way.

She knows that this breaking is necessary to get to levels of evolution otherwise not accessible.

Women, don’t offer yourselves up too soon. Wait and see. Does this man have what it takes to access your highest edge so that he can ride it with you and break you both open into new territory? Will he remain and stay attentive when you are broken open and reforming? Will he have the capacity to guide that reformation according to Divine Will? Emptiness? Unification? Freedom? Magic?

If he does not make it past the gates that will arise naturally for him when you embody the wild feminine, he will not be able to handle your wildest self and nurture you when you are at your most vulnerable.

(Gender roles here defined solely for proper illustration ~ please apply to all kinds of relationships where masculine and feminine are independant of gender and informed by their deeper source)

~ Thessa Sophia ~


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