Group Retreats

Right now our group work and play retreats are developing.  The venue for these retreats is under construction, with the expected completion date to be December 2013.  Until then other venues will be used, so cost will vary based on venue.  Contact Thessa for more details.

Heart Becoming offers 3, 2-day meditation retreats held on site near Asheville, NC:

The Foundational Retreat:  In this first workshop we go into the core of the heart and contact the Mossy Buddhaprimordial stillness that is easily accessible there.  We explore together the nature of this stillness and the experience of having that stillness as the foundation for all other experience.  This workshop sets the foundation for the healing and self inquiry workshops.  This retreat was designed to deliver a simple, all encompassing practice and can serve to be the only Heart Becoming retreat that one needs.

Healing Retreat: This retreat builds on stillness as the foundation, and requires the Foundational retreat as a prerequisite.  We begin to merge stillness with our specific experiences, noticing the realizations and transformations that it brings to our perceptions, quality of life and relationships.

Identity Exploration: This retreat builds on the Foundational retreat and the Healing retreat.  Those retreats naturally lead to the next stage, the exploration of the one experiencing stillness and the one who is healing.  A deeper level of transformation and realization is achieved with this work, often referred to as self inquiry.

Online: Experience the basic Heart Becoming meditation in a group online, from the comfort of your own cushion.

Or, work one on one with Thessa over skype.


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